August Drum & Journey Circle - Harvest

August is traditionally harvest time. We've planted seeds of intention in our lives, nurturing our growth, and connecting with our power, and now it is time to reap some of the fruits of our spiritual work. This can be a very sweet time of recognizing and giving yourself credit for the changes you've made in your life and in yourself. It can be deeply nourishing time of acknowledging the results of your effort and enjoying it!

If you are having trouble seeing or understanding what might be ready for harvest in your life, the voice of the drum and a visit to your guides in a shamanic journey in our circle may help you identify that.

I (Sally) am getting ready to harvest the fruit of some seeds I've planted this year. To do that, however, requires that I depart from my leadership role in the circle after this month's event. The circle itself was a seed that we (Holly and I) planted in early 2015 and happily, it has grown and flourished. I'm satisfied that it is filling a community need, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. I am confident that others who have been attending the circle will step up to support Holly in her role as the Circle Keeper, as well as to grow their own leadership skills. I am deeply grateful to all who have supported the Circle since its birth, and to those who continue to do so. I especially thank Holly for all she has done behind the scenes (the lion’s share for sure!) to create and maintain the Circle. It would not have been possible without her.

It is so satisfying to be a creator, and to see what I and Holly have nurtured come to maturity. I will still attend the circle when I can and look forward to seeing what happens next. Please join us this Friday, August 26, from 6-9 p.m. at A Space for Change Wellness Studio inside PT Plus Bay View. If the weather is good, we will spend some time outside. See you in the circle!

Peace and blessings,

Sally (& Holly)

LOCATION: A Space for Change Movement Studio & Wellness Center, located inside PT Plus Bay View at 3073 S. Chase Avenue (corner of Chase and Oklahoma inside the Chase Commerce Center), Building 28, Suite 630 (first floor)