Bay View Drum & Journey Circle is an open circle that usually meets monthly on the 4th Friday from 6-9 p.m. (Check the Upcoming Circles page for exact dates!)

The Bay View Drum & Journey Circle is a community of shamanic practitioners and students of shamanism who meet for journeying and sacred ceremony with the intention of connecting to spirit for practical wisdom, learning, and guidance. Our circle is open to everyone, including those who are brand new to the idea of shamanism and have an interest in journeying, exploring, learning, and growing. Our circle celebrates all forms of shamanism and invites people of all religious and spiritual backgrounds.

Don't have a drum or rattle? No worries! We have spares you can borrow for the evening.

Don't have a drum or rattle? No worries! We have spares you can borrow for the evening.

The word “shaman” actually comes from central Asia, but shamans, or medicine people, exist in nearly every culture. In shamanic thought, illness or “dis-ease” is believed to result from a lack of harmony and balance between the natural world and our culture, between the physical and the spiritual. This imbalance is often seen on a societal level, but as we know, healing begins with each of us. Trauma, dysfunctional relationships, hardship, and life events may unknowingly keep us from achieving wholeness and wellness.

Shamanic journeying can help us uncover the energy blocks, whether past or present, that keep us from moving forward to achieve our wellness goals and guide us, and our communities, back toward balance again. 

Each month, a different intention or theme will be set for the circle.  The circle location each month will be at A Space for Change Movement Studio & Wellness Center, located inside of PT Plus Bay View at 3073 South Chase Avenue (corner of Chase and Oklahoma. Inside the Chase Commerce Center).

The circle keeper of the Bay View Drum & Journey Circle is Holly Emmer (click names for more info):

Holly Emmer

Sally Stanton (former co-circle keeper and co-founder)