July Drum & Journey Circle - Power

Good summer day to you!
These past several weeks have been absolutely great for hiking and being in nature. It's one of my (Holly's) most favorite things to do. Being physically immersed in the Source, the Origin, renews me on so many levels. The Japanese recognize this, too. In fact, they even have a special name for it -- shinrin-yoku or "forest bathing." Scientific studies have shown that spending time in the forest can reduce blood pressure, diabetes indicators, and cortisol which is a stress hormone. The studies show that forest walking also increases the number of cancer-fighting NK cells and improves overall mental health. So, my advice for the next time someone tells you to "take a hike," thank them and do just that!
As a reminder, we'll be holding Circle at our new location in Bay View this month. We will meet at 6pm at A Space for Change Movement Studio and Wellness Center, inside of PT Plus Bay View. The location is at the Chase Commerce Center, 2073 S. Chase Avenue, Building 28, Suite 630 - first floor. Look for the orange flags at the corner of Chase and Oklahoma Avenues. Then just follow the signs to PT Plus to Building 28. Thank you to Carol Dusold for allowing us to have our monthly Circle in her beautiful studio. We are very excited! (Click this link to see pictures of the flags, building, and space for your reference - http://drumjourneycircle.squarespace.com/pt-plus-bay-view)

On Friday, July 22nd, we will come together and hold sacred space with our monthly theme of Power. Considering all of the recent events in the news and in our collective lives, this seems like a rather fitting theme, don't you think?
When I think of Power, I think Power is, well, very Powerful. Power is something that we can hold, wield, and/or give away -- both internally and externally -- on purpose, incidentally, or even against our will. It's an energy that can be helpful or hurtful, both to ourselves and to others. This blog isn't meant to tell you how to work with Power, as that is something you will need to reflect upon and explore with deep consideration for yourself. But, I would bet that, as you navigate your relationship with Power, you will see how it affects your own thoughts, your words, and your actions in your life and in the way you move in this world.
One of the primary reasons Sally and I hold this drum and journey circle every month is because we feel it is important to have a place where people can come together and be supported by community. In times like these, feeling supported in community is critical, perhaps even Powerful. For, in community, we can express ourselves openly, learn from one another, be inspired by one another, and hold safe space for one another so that all of the above can happen.
This month, our hope is that we will be able to share some methods of self-care (like forest bathing!) with one another so that we are able to work with Power clearly, effectively, and wisely. Personally, I find that having a strong, centered root allows me to branch out and help others in a more Power-filled way. We look forward to learning together in community!
Blessings as bright as the fireflies,
Holly and Sally
co-circle keepers