May Drum & Journey Circle - Growth

Reminder: We are meeting THIS WEEK due to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We will continue to meet at the Marian Center in May and June.

May is the usually the month in our area of the country where plant growth and bird/animal activity and reproduction seem to be, well, almost explosive. Eggs appear in the nests, leaves open on the trees, and the flowers really do bloom overnight! One May night ten years ago I lay in my yard after midnight and heard the grass growing. Wondrous! May can be quite heady and exciting; a powerful time.

The full moon on May 21 seems to be pretty special: Native Americans have termed it the Full Flower Moon, Corn Planting Moon or Milk Moon; according to The Universe today, it is also called an astronomical season Blue Moon based on the Maine Farmer’s Almanac, which denotes the ‘third Full Moon in an astronomical season with four as blue.’. (  

Maybe something is about to appear, open, or bloom in your life? Is there something you’ve been cultivating and you are ready to see some results for your hard work? Or are you just enjoying the sprouting, steady growth, or flowering of what you’ve already planted or nurtured? Either way, it’s wise to take time to observe, to really look, and to celebrate and appreciate both the visible growth in the natural world and the perhaps less visible, but still just as wondrous, growth taking place in your own life. This is the time to nurture the growth. Drumming & journeying in the Circle is a great way to do that.

Join us on Friday, May, in Rosetto Hall, Room 216, at the Marian Center for Nonprofits, from 6 to 9 PM for a celebration and appreciation of growth. Please come early (4:30 or after) to help set up if you can; extra treats and beverages are welcome as well.

Peace and blessings,

Sally & Holly