July Drum & Journey Circle - Plug into the Power

Power, energy, light, vibrations. These concepts can imply a flow, movement, influence, making something happen or change. Dark becomes light, we move from one place to another, music is created, Messages travel from person A to person B, hot places get cooled, tasks are accomplished. Legislation is passed, millions of people are persuaded to buy things, spacecraft visit Pluto. Each of these things requires power of a particular kind. Power can be understood in physical, social, political, economic, psychological, and metaphysical terms.

Although a commonly stated metaphysical view is that we are infinitely powerful, sometimes we feel powerless. Or we feel that poor health and other life challenges have drained or lessened our power. We might say that we need to fill up the tank, recharge the battery, or plug in to a power source. There are lots of ways to do this, to make a power connection. Go on vacation. Exercise. Get more sleep. Go to church. Spend time in nature or with loved ones. Travel to a sacred place. Eat a healthier diet. Take shamanic journeys. Drum.

Wait, what? Shamanic journeys? Drumming?


We are always connected with everything in the universe. We have constant access to the universal power source. Some people call it light, With a capital L. Some people call it Love. Some people call it God with a G. Whatever you call it, and whether you capitalize it or not, it is there and you are connected to it.

Shamanic drumming and journeying are two great ways to plug into this eternal power connection. We live in a universe of vibration, much of it invisible to our physical eyes. But we can feel it with our bodies, discover it with our other senses, and respond to it. The sound of the drum causes physical changes in our brains and in our bodies. The speed and patterns of our brain waves change, and our cells vibrate at a different rate. Voila, Power! And we can use that power to make things happen, to create, to change – ourselves and our world. Every day, the shamans of Peru greet that universal symbol of power, Inti, the sun. They call it up into the sky, dreaming the world into being.

What kind of world would you like to dream into being? By journeying with the sound of the drum, you could begin to answer that question. You might break free of the thought patterns learned from family, the media, religion, etc., and dream something new. Or you might connect to the power of intention, and turn it into action. You might connect more strongly to the power of your family, neighborhood, city, nation, world, and find that the world you dream of is one that others dream of, too. Amazing things can happen when you make a power connection.

As co-circle keepers, Holly and I do our utmost to ensure that you have a safe place to journey when you join us in the circle. A shamanic drum circle is a place of power. A place where you can step out of ordinary reality and dream the world you want into being, where you can plug-in, fill your tank, recharge, connect to your power source. The drum, the circle, the Universe, and you, do the rest.

Come and connect at our next circle, this Friday, July 24, 6 PM. BE SURE TO BRING ALONG A BLANKET OR FOLDING CHAIR - WE WILL BE OUTSIDE IN BAY VIEW PARK!

See you there!

Sally and Holly
Co-circle keepers