A Few Words about the May Circle


We are gearing up for the Friday, May 15 drum & journey circle event starting at 6:00 p.m. We will make a final decision as to “inside/outside” by mid-morning Friday and let attendees know right away via email, as well as posting to Facebook and Twitter. Regardless of our decision, we will meet in the South parking lot of the Marian Center and proceed from there to the site of the event.

If we will drum & journey outside, we will walk across the street to a prepared location in Bay View Park. If we are inside, we’ll be in a designated room in the south building (Rosary Hall) of the Marian Center. Signs will be posted to direct you. In either case, please bring along a drum, a rattle, and a blanket to more fully enjoy the experience if you are attending. If we are outside and you prefer to sit on a chair, you’ll need to bring your own. (We have some extra drums and rattles available for your use, if you need one.)

This month, we will focus our intention around the idea of growth.  Over the next day or so, if you are joining us, think about something you have been nurturing and would like to see manifest more fully in your life.

For me, in my life right now, growth means evolving. I am seeing that my life is moving forward and shifting from being a student to accepting the role as mentor and teacher for my community. I’m grateful, honored, and humbled to be co-circle keeper of our community’s Circle and will do my very best to help you grow through your experiences with us. – Holly

Growth to me means rooting more deeply into a rich, nurturing environment that will support it. Part of that process involves “planting” this drumming & journeying community and helping it grow, practically in my backyard, so that others in our community might also root deeply. – Sally

We all know about the old adage, “Life’s a journey.” But, what many don’t realize is that we have the ability to enhance our life’s journey with our Circle’s drum journeys to aid and guide us along our path. By opening up our minds and hearts through the repetition of the constant drumbeat, we can receive messages -- from our Higher Selves, our guides, God, The Great Spirit, our angels, whomever speaks to us -- which can literally change the course of our direction and, indeed, our very lives. It can kind of be exciting stuff!

If you have never dared to journey before, you will be reassured to know that we will help guide and support you throughout your experience. Holly will provide the drumming, and Sally will help set you on your way through a visualization meditation, based upon our intention, at the beginning of your journey.  After we journey, we’ll have the opportunity to share our experiences with the group, if we choose to do that, in a safe and supportive space.

If you’re reading this and still find yourself sitting on the fence as to whether or not you plan on coming to one of our Circles, perhaps consider this your opportunity for growth!

Bright blessings,

Holly and Sally, co-circle keepers