Welcome to our Drum & Journey Circle!

Welcome to our Drum & Journey Circle! If you are reading this blog or visiting our website, you are already a part of our community. Even if you never come to an actual Circle, you are part of us. And we're glad you're here.

As we get ready for our first monthly drum & journey circle event, at 6 PM Friday, April 24, in the Marian Center for Nonprofits, we are both nervous and excited. When we birthed this idea a few months ago, we had no idea what would happen. But we knew something would happen. And it did – the Bay View Drum & Journey Circle is now here.

This circle goes a step further than a typical drum circle; it also includes an opportunity for guided shamanic journeying (Holly and I are both shamanic practitioners). It encompasses an intention beyond that of simple music-making. In fact, each month our circle will have a stated intention, and when we drum and journey, we do so as a group with that intention in our minds, our hearts, and our souls. Perhaps you will come just to listen to the drumming. Perhaps you will drum with us. Perhaps you will journey with us for our group intention. Perhaps you will simply come to be a part of a community. These are all wonderful reasons to come and be present in our circle.

Sound is one of the many things that connect us and that has the power to heal us. One of the first sounds we hear, even before we are born, is the sound of our mother's heartbeat. The sound of a drumbeat reminds us of that sound. It echoes in our cells and in our souls. It feels like home.

We can rest in that sound. We can be awakened by that sound. We can ride the drumbeat like a magic horse into other realms, if we choose. We can grow in the awareness of our own power, and we can join powerfully with others, through the sound of the drum.

If you have questions about what to expect at a drum and journey Circle, please explore our website or email us at drumjourneycircle@gmail.com. If you have a drum, shaker, or rattle, please bring it with you. If not, we will have some available.

Our group intention for the April Circle is “Seed Planting.” What are you ready to plant in your life?

Please join us. It's going to be a magical time.

Until soon,

Sally and Holly, co-circle keepers