January Drum & Journey Circle - New Moon, New Beginnings

Hello, again, everyone!

I'm very much looking forward to being in Circle with you this Friday, January 27th! The new moon phase starts at 6:07pm, our local time, and so I thought it would good to celebrate the new moon's energy by setting our evening's intention toward New Beginnings.

If you're already working on realizing your New Year's resolution, perhaps you'd like to reinforce it this Friday. Or, maybe that resolution needs a bit of a re-boot? Or, if you're like me, you weren't really feeling too inspired to make a resolution at the beginning of the year -- but maybe it might be a good time to start now? Wherever you are on that spectrum, you're welcome to join us as we drum & journey to receive help with defining our goals, with creating (or stopping) certain habits, or even with determining a new way of being. We also journey to see what is most needed in our lives right now, if we wish to do so. And for those lucky folks who have it all figured out already, they can journey for extra insight and guidance to help them along their paths.

We will meet, drum, and journey indoors, beginning at 6pm, at the Space for Change Movement Studio and Wellness Center inside PT Plus Bay View. Hope to see you there!

Peace and blessings,

P.S. As a reminder, the location is:  3073 S. Chase Avenue (corner of Chase and Oklahoma inside the Chase Commerce Center), Bldg 28 #630 on the first floor, look for the signs!