February Drum & Journey Circle - Centering and Grounding

Spring is nearly here; the sun is setting later and the birds are noisily returning. Soon little shoots of bright green will be popping up out of the ground. But we aren’t quite there yet. It’s still cold and the odd blobs of snow are visible in shady spots. We could still get a big snowstorm or two; the full Snow Moon phase just passed. We’re in a transition between Winter and Spring, and as a result you may feel a little off-balance, maybe anxious, restless and scattered, or perhaps depressed, sleepy, and even cranky (that’s me – Sally).

Perhaps a little centering and grounding is in order, so that’s our focus for this drum circle. Although centering and grounding means different things to different people, for me centering brings me back into myself, connecting mind and body. My internal world is aligned, physically and mentally. When I am centered, I can roll better with whatever life throws at me (and for some reason it likes to throw a lot at me in February!). Meditation and visualization are good centering exercises, especially combined with conscious breathing. Shamanic journeying can help you center by reconnecting you with your animal and ancestor guides, who remind you who you really are.

Grounding connects me with reality, the present moment, the earth, and everything around me. I use my senses and body to ground, through physical movement, smell, sound, taste, focusing awareness on visual details. For me, swimming, walking outdoors, and eating are very grounding. Drumming can be grounding if you keep your eyes open and choose a slower beat, like a heartbeat, or drum with others in community.

We’ll explore centering and grounding as we work/play together in our drum circle Friday night, February 26, from 6-9 p.m. in Room 216, Rosary Hall, at the Marian Center for Nonprofits. Join us! Hibernation time is ending; the cycle of growth continues; let’s roll with it.


Your co-circle keepers

Sally and Holly