Our drum and journey circle uses the beat of the drum and other simple, natural techniques (rattling, dancing, etc.) to help participants gain access to their inner wisdom. Drumming is a shamanic practice has been used in many cultures for thousands of years as a way to create an altered state of consciousness. The repetitive sound, ranging from 180-220 bpm, induces a state of consciousness that is relaxing and meditative.

To honor a safer, sacred space for all, our circle is absolutely drug- and alcohol-free. Additionally, since people sometimes will share private and personal information, everything that occurs during a circle is to be considered strictly confidential.


  • Before we begin our sacred work, we smudge ourselves and our instruments to purify any negative thoughts/feelings from the day, and place any items we've brought on the community altar.
  • The circle begins with an introduction, orientation, and check-in with the attendees.
  • We open our sacred space by welcoming help and guidance from all directions.
  • Our sacred work begins by playing a heartbeat-paced drumbeat & by singing our personal power song (if we have one) to connect with our personal guides and power animals.
  • We do a group journey and sharing based on the predetermined intention or theme.
  • Sometimes, we then do an individual journey for answers to our own questions. 
  • Often, we will stand as a healing circle and send prayer drums to those in need (with their permission).
  • We conclude the circle by giving our thanks, singing the Circle Song, and closing the circle.
  • People may stay to share snacks and conversations until 9 p.m.

Click HERE for a Drum Etiquette and Circle Overview pdf for download.

No experience is necessary; please come with an open mind and willingness to experience something new and different!

Not sure or unable to attend the drum & journey circle? You can also make an appointment with Sally for an individual shamanic energy session. Please email Sally at info @ 12stoneshealing.com.


There are no requirements besides yourself.  However, if you would like some suggestions of what most people bring to a circle, may we suggest that you bring:

  • a drum, rattle, or other percussion instrument (extra instruments are available)
  • eye cover such as a bandanna or sleep mask (helps remove visual distraction while journeying)
  • notebook & pen (for documenting journey experiences -- journeys can be like dreams where details fade quickly if not written down)
  • an item to share on the community altar during the circle (people may bring their medicine bags, mesas, special stones/crystals, totem animal symbols, a gift from Nature, etc. You will take this item back home with you after the circle.)
  • water and a snack for self or for sharing during our break and/or after the circle
  • an optional goodwill donation to help with costs for maintaining the circle

Note - Sometimes, in the warmer months, we may drum and journey outside. Please consider bringing a folding chair, blanket, warmer clothing, and/or anything else that will help you be comfortable for being outdoors.