September Drum & Journey Circle - A Time for Change

We welcome the Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts as our circle sponsor for September and October 2015! Angel Light, in addition to the many beautiful stones, crystals, books, and other items it stocks, also hosts classes by many local teachers (including Holly and Sally!) to assist you on your life journey, and features a variety of holistic and energy medicine practitioners offering readings and treatments. Sheri Bauer, owner of Angel Light, has been and continues to be a guiding light to many who are seeking growthand healing for themselves, and also to those who are called to become healers.

Please visit Angel Light’s website as well as the store at 13300 Watertown Plank Road, Elm Grove, WI, to view their offerings and get involved. If you haven’t been to this store, you are missing a real treat! The staff is a delight and selection of items is constantly renewing. Just walking in the door will likely change your life – for the better! Please let them know we sent you.

September in our part of the world is the month of the Fall equinox. And Fall of course is a time of change – a change in the seasons, a shift from summer vacation fun to back to school and work, a return to shorter days, longer nights. These changes, or shifts, as we may call them, are predictable. They come every year at this time. If we keep them in our awareness, we can anticipate these shifts, prepare for them, and even celebrate them. If we choose to, we can benefit from them.

If you follow astrology and astronomy, you know that this month lots of things are changing in the skies. We have a total lunar eclipse (Blood Moon) coming up on the 27th, just after our drum circle meets. Three planets are changing direction - Venus, Mercury, and Pluto. Two planets are changing signs – Mars and Saturn. And of course the vernal equinox on September 22. We can't stop these shifts, but we can ride the wave of energy that they bring.

What about shifts of our own design? Could we envision this time of outward change as a time to also deliberately seek and investigate inward change? Perhaps there is a shift you would like to make in your life – an attitude, behavior, a belief, maybe even something that you are not even yet consciously aware of. Or perhaps you would like to make a deliberate outward shift – moving house, relocating, finding a new job, starting a new business, starting or ending a relationship, etc.  Because these kinds of shifts often take considerable time to manifest into reality, Fall is a good time for exploring such changes, meditating on them, and beginning to move our hearts and minds into alignment with what is to come, with what we want to appear in our lives.

Shamans dream their world into being. What world do you want to dream into being? Join us in the circle on Friday, September 25, 6 - 9 PM to drum and journey your way into the days of change ahead of us this Fall. We will meet outdoors in the park if the weather is good; in the Marian Center if not, so please dress appropriately. If you haven’t joined us before, please check out our “What to Expect” page on our website to learn what to bring and what will happen at the circle. See you in the Circle soon!

Sally and Holly, Co-circle keepers